Metal Processing Machines

Rhea MP is a partner of the Burghard + Schmidt Group, the companies Burghardt + Schmidt and Schnutz. Their product portfolio consists of

  • Precision Slitting Lines
  • Stretch-Bend-Levelling Lines
  • Packing Lines
  • Traversing Spooler
  • Precision Levelling Lines
  • Cut-to-Length Lines
  • Edge Trimming Lines

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Our Partners in Metal Processing Machines

Burghardt + Schmidt is a company with international reach and has been known since 1945 for the highest standard of precision in slitting and levelling – also of thin and delicate metal strips.

Schnutz is a subsidiary of Burghardt + Schmidt. The company is a specialist of high capacity levelers. Schnutz has designed and built levelers since more than 100 years.