EMG Automation

Rhea MP provides solutions for strip guiding, centering, uncoiling and decoiling in rolling mills. We also offer systems for continuous measurement and quality assurance in steel plants. We provide safety devices for heavy duty handling equipment and cranes.

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EMG Automation Solutions for Strip Guiding

EMG Automation Hydraulic Components

EMG Automation Sensors

EMG Automation Online measurement of strip and slit strip width, edge crack and hole detection – iCAM®

EMG Automation Optical position measurement at hot strip – hotCAM®

EMG Automation Oil layer measurement – SOLID®

EMG Automation Thickness measurement – iTiM

EMG Automation eMASS® Electro magnetic strip stabilisation and eBACS Edge mask control

EMG Automation iSCAN® Slab dimension / position measurement and tracking

EMG Automation IMPOC Online measurement of tensile and yield strength

EMG Automation SORM3plus Superfast Optical Roughness Measurement

EMG Automation ELDRO® Electrohydraulic Thrusters

EMG Automation ELHY® Electrohydraulic Thrusters

Our Partner EMG:

EMG is a leading German manufacturer of systems for positioning and guiding the strip in strip-processing lines. The company also manufactures equipment for monitoring and assuring the quality of continuous production processes in metallurgy.