Rhea MP designs and delivers hydraulic systems and provides supervision and consultancy services in that business field. We also distribute components and spare parts. As partners of Danfoss, Roth and Hauhinco, we offer the product groups listed below.

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Danfoss Hydraulic Pumps

Danfoss Hydraulic Motors

Danfoss Industrial Valves

Danfoss Cartridge Valves

Roth Bladder Accumulators

Roth Piston Accumulators

Hauhinco Water Hydraulic Systems and Components

Our partners in Hydraulics:

Danfoss is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems for industrial and mobile machines and aviation. The hydraulic business of Danfoss features the well-known trademarks Char-Lynn, Vickers, Hydrokraft.

Hauhinco is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems for water hydraulics. The characteristics of water and oil-water emulsions impose very high requirements for the materials and workmanship of hydraulic components.

Roth is the new brand name of the well known company Bolenz & Schäfer, a German manufacturer that invented the piston hydroaccumulator in the year 1952. Today, the company continues keeping its leading position in engineering, delivery and installation of systems for the power industry and metallurgy.